Tropical Eco Campground nestled between the tropical rainforest of Deep Bay (Teluk Dalam) and the sea, a piece of land which was before home to villagers and a skilled training institute.

The team is an ongoing effort to revive the place, building a campsite, maintaining its natural landscape with plans to grow more mangroves while nurturing current ones. Our ECO landscape project includes growing local fruit trees and restoring the river to attract variety of bird species and other habitants.

The sea breeze, secured location and private beach ... It's natural habitants, with bird's chirping, beautiful butterflies, squirrels, eagles flying above, monkeys and occasionally schools of fish jumps out of the water. An experience you will never forget, memories to treasure @ Tropical Eco Campsite, "Our Little Paradise".


Getting There

From the designated meeting point @ Tropical Resort Langkawi, Pantai Tengah you will take a 5-minutes drive to the campsite by shuttle. Upon reaching there, you will then take a trail appoximately 5-10 mins hike down our tropical forest which ends at an open area of the beach, sea and clear blue skies.